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Overview of Aronia Berries

Aronia Berry or Chokeberry

The website below provides r detailed information about the history and background of the superberry, aronia, from its US source. benefits

Who Needs Aronia Berries?

Those who bruise easily, have frequent nose bleeds, those whose have alot of swelling with an injury and those with frequent colds and infections.

Why Would One Consume Aronia Berries?

They are considered the number one berry for health due them having the highest anti-oxidant level of any other berry that has been studied.

What is an Anti-oxidant?

An anti-oxidant is a substance from our food that inhibits oxidation, thereby preventing deterioration and disease. Anti-oxidants neutralizes free radicals, removing them from the blood stream. Free radicals are unstable molecules that are produced in the body and their function is to attach themselves to another molecule. Normally they are produced by the liver to detoxify the white blood cells and destroy bacteria and viruses. But when they over react, the balance in the body is upset, and healthy cells are affected.

What is Oxidation?

The damage done by oxidation is the same process that turns an apple brown or rusts metal.When the body's anti-oxidant levels are lower than the free radicals due to poor nutrition or they are being depleted due to high level of toxins, oxidation is harmful to the body.  All the cells are damaged; DNA is mutated and our immune system is compromised.  The damage done by free radicals is known as oxidative stress.  This is believed to be the cause of disease and disorders of the body.

Where do Free Radicals Come From?

Environmental pollutants, alcohol, smoking, unhealthy processed food ( sugar fat) and too much exercise. Stress hormones create excess free radicals.Overall our lifestyle, use of medicines, drugs all play a role in free radicals.

Aronia Juice

The bottle is grade #1 plastic and is free of BPA.The label is printed directly on the bottle using non-toxic, food-safe ink.  It is environmentally responsible.The lid is an easy open snap to close hinge. Also because this product is refrigerated, this further solidifies the "pure, nothing has been added" concept of this product.   Please store your product in the refrigerator.

Recommended Usage: Mix 1 tbsp in a glass of water, juice, tea or beverage of your choice.

Package Size: When following the recommended serving size, one bottle will last 30 days+   NOTE  There are 7 lbs of fruit in one bottle.

Shelf Life: 12 months from the date of production- indicated on the back of the bottle by the UPC

Price: C $45.00.

Delivery:Local delivery is available, please inquire.