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Kansa Vataki Wands


The word Kansa comes from the Sanskrit ( the ancient Indian language) “Kamsya” which means bronze. In the West, the word bronze means “bell metal”

The word Vataki comes from the Sanskrit word which means round, referring to the dome capped shape of the wand.

Bronze is a metal alloy made mainly of copper, tin and trace minerals and metals.

Why Kansa Works:

The wand is physically rubbed onto the body producing friction. At the electromagnetic level of the body it is drawing heat, acidity, inflammation and toxins. With some people the skin may turn grey which is a positive effect; the wands bring  one to a higher level of balance and wellness!

 The kansa wand produce piezo-electricity .This tool works on the electromagnetic system of the body that runs in both the meridians and the chakras having a balancing and revitalizing effect by amplifying the body’s natural bio-electric network.

This charge can help restore the proper bio-electric functions of the body. It  can improve oxygenation and nutrient delivery. Pain releases as the innate flow of energy in the body is restored. The stuck energy in the meridians is released so pain can begin to disappear.

The copper in the wand relieves pain, inflammation and arthritis and it supports healthy collagen and the tin relieves headaches, and insomnia. The zinc boosts the immune system and is good for diabetes.


Marma points are the vital, hidden energy points used in Ayurveda in a similar way that acupressure is used in Chinese Medicine. Marmas are energy or communication centres. Physically, the marma points are found where tendons, bones, muscles, joints, veins, nerves, and other tissues meet. Marma therapy works to clear stagnation in the vital energy points and thus increase vitality within the corresponding body parts.

Benefits of Kansa Wand Treatment

Relaxes and rebalances the whole body and calms the mind
Revitalizes the muscles, improves blood and lymph flow, normalizing skin tone, cleanses and nourishes
Detoxifies, relieves headaches, tension
Natural face lift and improved skin tone, sinuses
Promotes restful sleep
 Unifies body, mind and spirit

Sessions are 45 min to one hour and involve using various kansa wands to do a full body massage. A facial and head massage/marma point is 30 minutes.